Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kitchen Island Set Back

The kitchen island is now painted and I was all ready for the contractor to install the bamboo plywood.

The contractor brought the plywood to his shop and here are just some of the things he found on the wood.

Fabulous. The wood was packaged between 2 large MDF boards so I thought it was safe from getting any kind of damage. Apparently this damaged happened before the wood was packaged. Soooo I requested my money back on the product which the company obliged to. I think the wood has potential and would be a beautiful piece if it wasn't so damaged. I'm hoping to find another use for it.

On to plan B for the counter top. The contractor suggested other wood suppliers in the area where I could get a similar look and the wood would be better quality, thicker, and for about the same price as the bamboo. I decided to go with a black walnut. This week the contractor is scheduled to come in and complete the task.

It seems like I've waited FOR-EVA for this to be done!

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