Saturday, October 23, 2010

$5 Finds

Our master bedroom has been the last room in the house for me to put my personal touch on. I started with this project here then moved on to re-finishing a vintage dresser. The room still needs help. Thanks to Craigslist I was able to furnish the odd corner of the room. First I found a cute little nightstand someone was selling for $5. I re-painted it with ivory colored high gloss spray paint. A few weekends ago I found this awesome chair on Craigslist for $5. That's right $5. What a steal!!!! I was sure there must have been a broken leg or something wrong with it. Nope. It could use new re-upholstery but other than that the chair is in great shape. I figured since I paid next to nothing for the chair I can spend some money on getting it re-upholstered.

I wanted to bring some height to the dresser with some reeds or sticks. I found bamboo sticks on clearance for $3 at Michaels. I spray painted the sticks white, cut them in half with gardening shears and was able to double the amount of sticks I had. I found cylinder glass containers at Ross on clearance for $5 each. I wanted to fill the vases with some cool river rocks but I think paying $5 or more for decorative rocks is a bit ridiculous. I bought a bag of dried black beans for $1.12 at Walmart to fill the vases. I love decorating on the cheap!

I'm still not done. I have a mirror that I purchased years ago for $5 at Walmart. I wanted to frame it with a large thick frame but I'm not sure how I want to tackle that one yet. I would love some kind of unique artwork above the dresser but I haven't decided what that's going to be. In the meantime I have this empty frame hanging up until I find something that strikes my fancy. The white spackling spots also need to be painted over.....someday.

It's come a long from what it used to be

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