Sunday, June 6, 2010

Master Bedroom Facelift

I've been stumped on how to design/decorate/furnish the master bedroom. I really wanted to bring in natural elements and loved the idea of grass cloth wallpaper behind our headboard. The cost of grass cloth and the effort to put it up made me want to come up with a plan b. Here was the plan:

Frame the bed with large fabric panels.
I purchased $5 bi-fold closet doors, much like the ones I purchased for my stairwell art project at my local ReSTORE. I took off the hinges and had 2 panels of wood about 17 inches wide by 70 inches long. I thought I could cover them in a textured fabric, like burlap and mount them to the wall. I found white burlap for $2/yard at a fabric store and purchased 4 yards. I used a staple gun to wrap the fabric around the wood. I attached D rings to the back of the panels and poked monkey hooks into the wall to hang the wood doors.

Change the lighting
I have always loved the Pottery Barn bedrooms with the wall sconces on either side of the bed like this Pottery Barn bedroom

I found 2 brass wall sconces with pleated shades for $10 on Craigslist. I painted over the brass with oil rubbed bronze spray paint ($3 at Walmart) and changed out the lamp shades for $10 linen shades I found at Target.

I mounted the lamps to fabric covered wood boards and had new lighting for $30.

Add wall art
I love the look of having a big piece of art over the bed. I had a mirror that I used over the dresser and I decided to put that between the wood boards.

And the end result:

Total cost for this project was about $40.

D Rings and Monkey Hooks Saved My Marriage

I love to hang big heavy mirrors and large wall art throughout my home. Unfortunately for the Hubs, he has to help me hang these items which he is never happy about.

I was at Lowes looking for mounting hardware for the new mirror I bought for our downstairs bathroom when a Lowes associate told me about monkey hooks. These hooks poke into the wall. That's right, I said POKE. Not drilled, hammered, or screwed into stud but POKED into the wall. D rings can easily be screwed into any item and then hung from the monkey hook. Monkey hooks come in different sizes to hang items from 25 lbs. to 100 lbs. The mirror for our downstairs bathroom already had D rings on it so after measuring where to place the monkey hooks I had Hubs help me place the D rings on the hooks and VIOLA, a hung mirror AND a happy husband.

I used D rings and monkey hooks for all of these projects:

large wall art in our hallway

$5 stairwell wall art

Wood panels by our bed as well as the large mirror

Jack and Jill bathroom mirrors

TAKE NOTE: Monkey hooks cannot be placed into a stud!

$5 Wall Art

I wanted some large, unique wall art to go on my stairwell. I stopped by my local ReSTORE, which sells discounted building materials and helps support Habitat for Humanity. I found plain, bi-fold closet doors for $5 each. The doors looked like plain wood art panels that could be used for anything so why not paint them?

I used 2 dark wood panels that were about 12"x70" long, took of the hinges. I used painters tape to tape off different patterns.

I settled on doing stripes. I used painters tape and masking tape to get 2 different stripe widths and used 2 different neutral paint colors I had left over from another project.

To attach the panels to the wall I screwed in D rings and attached them to monkey hooks.

And the end result:

See another project with bi-fold closet doors here.