Sunday, June 6, 2010

$5 Wall Art

I wanted some large, unique wall art to go on my stairwell. I stopped by my local ReSTORE, which sells discounted building materials and helps support Habitat for Humanity. I found plain, bi-fold closet doors for $5 each. The doors looked like plain wood art panels that could be used for anything so why not paint them?

I used 2 dark wood panels that were about 12"x70" long, took of the hinges. I used painters tape to tape off different patterns.

I settled on doing stripes. I used painters tape and masking tape to get 2 different stripe widths and used 2 different neutral paint colors I had left over from another project.

To attach the panels to the wall I screwed in D rings and attached them to monkey hooks.

And the end result:

See another project with bi-fold closet doors here.

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