Friday, January 29, 2010

Pottery Barn Taste on a Thrift Store Budget

I love a great Pottery Barn lamp but refuse to pay $100 or more for a lamp. At the local Salvation Army today I found this

Okay, the shade is UGLY but the base of the lamp is heavy and in great shape. The lamp was $8, a good deal, but when I went to the register it was 50% off!!! This lamp cost me a whopping $4! I knew this would look great with help from my friend Mr. Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint (love this stuff). A few quick coats of spray paint topped off with a lamp shade I had purchased for $14 at Walmart awhile ago and never used and viola!

It looks just like 1 of these Pottery Barn lamps:

The Chelsea lamp $150 for the base $49 for the shade

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