Friday, January 29, 2010

Vintage Door Headboard

I saw this vintage door listed on Craigslist for $10 and instantly thought headboard. I love vintage doors because they are solid wood, more narrow than today's doors, and I LOVE the symmetrical panels.

I Painted the door with leftover sandy white paint that I had on hand.

I originally painted the panels a taupe color but didn't like the way that turned out. Sooooo, plan B:

I had used fabric from Pottery Barn pillow covers I had laying around. In my dog's rebellious days he got into the pillows and chewed the corners of the fabric. I loved the fabric so much I couldn't part with it, it's been laying around my house for years. I thought the pattern and color would go perfectly in our guest room. After consulting with my fellow Homie friend, Rene, she had the idea of cutting down foam board and gluing the fabric to the board. I thought this looked great but felt it needed something else to frame it off. Enter velvet ribbon. I found this great chocolate brown velvet ribbon for about $2 at Michaels. The ribbon was glued to the fabric to frame the panel. The panels were then glued to the headboard.

There were indents in the side of the door where the hinges once were. To hide this, I purchased a piece of molding, painted it the color of the headboard and liquid nailed it to the top of the door.

Getting the headboard attached to the bed:
Homie Rene suggested to get 1x4s cut down to about 4 ft. in length and screw them into the headboard. I used 3 screws to adhere the top of the headboard to the 1x4s. At the base, lined up the 1x4 to the bed frame, marked where the bolt where going to go. I drilled 2 holes in the 1x4s for the bolts and adhered the 1x4's the bed frame.

The end result:

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  1. Oh my gosh! I have those Pottery Barn pillows! In fact I just pulled them out and I'm using them in my living room again. Love your solution to reuse the fabric!